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Let our customers tell you WHY THEY CHOOSE US: "My friends and I were in the east end a few weeks ago playing a round of Bocce, and one of us found LAN through Google. They had the most amazing reviews, so we walked in on a Saturday evening and of course, due to popularity and time we went, there was a long line up. For our group of 6, we were told we needed to wait about 45 minutes. We had no problem hitting up a bar next door for a beer while we waited for their call. And boy, and I glad we actually went back when they called. First off, LAN is THE SWEETEST person I have met in a long time. Being such a KIND SOUL as a business owner made the experience all the more worthwhile. Secondly, everyone from LAN who had a point of interaction with us were sooo nice, big smiles and excellent service. The food was soo amazing. Hands down THE BEST spring rolls I've had in Toronto. The dishes were so UNIQUE but familiar enough that you wanted to try a different version of a Vietnamese dish you know and love. As we were paying, I got a chance to talk with LAN. She shared her family's story about their journey to Canada, and how they established their place among the row of several failed restaurants in the neighbourhood. She lives her life by a simple and meaningful quote her father shared with her : "HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND" (thank you LAN for sharing that with me by the way) and shares her infectious smile with all her customers. When you see LAN, the bright eyed, energy filled owner, make sure to say hi and take a few minutes to chat with her. I can't wait to come back and try something new at your establishment LAN!" (Review by Alam) 


At LAN Restaurant, we aim to bring OLD HA NOI to life in TORONTO. At LAN Restaurant, we charm customers and remind them of our beautiful Vietnamese culture and history through traditional music, decor, and, of course, with the most refined and elegant Vietnamese Cusine. We personally and always stand by LAN Restaurant's versions of Vietnamese Classics, and we're looking forward to sharing it with everyone who is OPEN to it. And hopefully one day, by doing what we LOVE and always DREAM OF, we can reach the unreachable at Lan Restaurant. 

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