Because we all have to start somewhere. With me and my hubby, we start from our student life and we work extremely hard everyday---by both of us working full time jobs in a car factory (at night time from 11pm-7am) and fulfilling our full time schools (daytime from 9am-5pm, depending on the days), while my hubby passed all his academic courses and while I  maintained A+ marks in every subject (except in computer science). We know that nighttime factory jobs are not great for us, but we don't have to be great to start. We just have to START to be GREAT. Because we know if we don't work hard and start somewhere, we're gonna be NOWHERE. And because if we want a better future and if we want something we've never had, we know that we must work hard and be willing to do something we've never done. With us, we believe "Arriving at one goal is always the starting point to another". With us, we believe every mile will be worth our while. With us, we took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference in our lives today. 14 years together and look at what we've achieved today- our most challenging, most painful and most difficult roads lead to our most beautiful destination @lan_restaurant . We have a dream of bringing to people the BEST and the most Elegant and Refined Vietnamese Cuisine in the city. And hopefully one day, by doing what we love and always dream of, we can reach the unreachable @ LAN Restaurant.  So take my advice, WORK HARD for your DREAMS. MAKE IT HAPPEN.