In business, Be Your Customers’ Best Friend. At LAN

Restaurant, it’s about the quality of your customers, not just

the quantity.

At LAN , the fact is treating customers like friends means more

than good marketing. It’s even more than just good service.

Treating customers like friends is HARD WORK, just like real


In business, the common goal is to make money, so it is

tempting to focus on that. But at LAN, the best generalization

about making money in the long run is that it comes from

building GREAT RELATIONSHIPS  with customers so they keep

coming back for more, during good times and bad.

If you ask any successful person, whether in business or

politics, you will hear over and over again, “It’s all about

relationships” and, in business, relationships bring great value.

WE LOVE our customers, as we have THE BEST customers at

LAN. Do you want to know why???

WE LOVE our customers because we can talk to them for hours

about their personal lives. It makes work at LAN, not feel like

work at all and that is just an AWESOME feeling!

WE LOVE our customers because they love us back!

WE LOVE our customers because they appreciate us so much!

WE LOVE our customers because of how much of themselves

they share with me. WE get so many stories and photos from

our best customers that invite us into their lives, it makes what

WE do @ LAN feel so personal!

As a small family business with very small marketing budget,

WE LOVE our  customers because word of mouth is powerful-

and they do the marketing for us!

Nothing makes US happier than being able to greet our

customers by name. WE TRULY think of our customers as

extended family and LOVE them for allowing US to build these

kind of memorable relationships with them! Most importantly,

WE LOVE our customers because we wouldn’t be here without 

them and their amazing support!!!

...Our HEARTFELT THANKS  to our AMAZING customers  at LAN