Customers' Testimonials

By Alam:  "My friends and I were in the east end a few weeks ago playing a round of Bocce, and one of us found LAN through Google. They had the most amazing reviews, so we walked in on a Saturday evening and of course, due to popularity and time we went, there was a long line up. For our group of 6, we were told we needed to wait about 45 minutes. We had no problem hitting up a bar next door for a beer while we waited for their call.
And boy, and I glad we actually went back when they called. First off, Lan is THE SWEETEST person I have met in a long time. Being such a KIND SOUL as a business owner made the experience all the more worthwhile. Secondly, everyone from Lan who had a point of interaction with us were sooo nice, big smiles and excellent service.
The food was soo amazing. Hands down THE BEST spring rolls I've had in Toronto. The dishes were unique but familiar enough that you wanted to try a different version of a Vietnamese dish you know and love.
As we were paying, I got a chance to talk with LAN. She shared her family's story about their journey to Canada, and how they established their place among the row of several failed restaurants in the neighbourhood. She lives her life by a simple and meaningful quote her father shared with her : "HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND" (thank you Lan for sharing that with me by the way) and shares her infectious smile with all her customers. When you see LAN, the bright eyed, energy filled owner, make sure to say hi and take a few minutes to chat with her.
I can't wait to come back and try something new at your establishment LAN"

By Sean Gallagher: "I live in the Riverside district of Toronto, which I chose because it has everything... almost. We didn't have a Grocery store, an LCBO, or a good Vietnamese restaurant. At least the last point has changed. We're now home to some of the best Vietnamese food in the city.

From when you walk in the door, the upscale, yet approachable decor grabs your attention. There's an eclectic mix of traditional Vietnamese culture, along with a trendy modern style. A mixture that makes you feel like you're at a 5 star Hanoi hotel. 

The next thing that will hit you is the smiles of the people working here. I felt like I was walking into a good friend's home, as everyone seemed genuinely happy to see me. This attitude lasted through the meal as everyone walking by either offered me a smile, or stopped to chat. When I dine alone, I usually just eat and move on, but I was happy to linger here, due to that attention. The food, however, is where this place shines. For an appetizer, I had the BBQ sausage and an iced Vietnamese coffee. Both were exceptional. The sausage had a slightly sweet, rather savoury taste, a fantastic balance, and though the menu said 2 pieces, 4 came out, which was outstanding for the price. My entree was the beef phở, which was flavourful, and tasted fresh. In fact, as I was finishing the broth, I had a smile that wouldn't leave my lips.To summarize, I'll be back... often."

By Elbert: "The atmosphere is amazing and the food is to match. Our evenings with friends here at this beautiful place comes highly recommended. The food, atmosphere, and service is truly top notch here. The waitress Stacey is really the definition of a gentlewoman as well as professional. This is the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was a totally professional in every way. I have to say this is the best designed Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto. Exceptional food and service as well, but the atmosphere really sets this place apart. Everything from the seating to the ceiling to the menus feels as though you've stepped into Vietnam. Definitely worth the money.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place for most of my friends, who would appreciate the well made dishes and appreciate the attentive but casual and unpretentious service".

By Laura : "Have you ever been to a restaurant that was so amazing you told everyone you knew about how wonderful you thought it was? This beautiful place has something that’s hard to put your finger on. Whatever that certain something is, it always made me feel like a VIP every time. You can really tell that the owners nurture every customer to best of their abilities. This place is truly a hidden gem"

By William: "Love Lan! We had a blast last night!
There's something for everyone on this menu! From gluten free, to vegan, to vegetarian, to no restrictions, there's an option for you. One of the Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been too. Not only great food but great atmosphere . Everytime I've gone the food and service has been excellent. Very accommodating with adjustments to our orders and Also Very accommodating with babies. Can you really say anything besides amazing things about LAN! NO! The food and service never disappoint!"

By Barclay: "What can i say about Lan that it hasn’t been said before... its simply perfect! This is my go to place for taking out-of-towners when i want to show what Toronto is all about. The service was always exceptional!!! The restaurant’s atmosphere and decor is so unique and romantic too - perfect for a date or a night out with friends. Food is consistently incredible. Very Reasonable prices for quality. Love Introducing friends to this place. Amazing! Just AMAZING! "

By Cheryl: "Stumble across this restaurant after an appointment. We ordered a noodle soup, marinated sizzling beef, crispy spring rolls and their stir fried broccoli. Every dish was amazing and ingredients are really fresh. My son and I shared the noodle soup and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The noodle and soup are really fresh. The Owner is really passionate about sharing their culture and the experience they are delivering through food and decor. Love the art pieces created by Owner’s father. It’s so unique.She was also super kind to my son, gave him a toy and a snack when we are leaving. Such a hospitality! Such a kind hearted people, worth the money and food is great"

By Michael Potash: "I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant.The food is spectacular, with offerings for both vegans and meat lovers. And honestly, the best spring rolls ever. The owner, Lan has a contagious joy about her that permeates everything from the food to the dining experience. The restaurant is great for kids too, I go with my toddler often and they always provide kid friendly cups and utensils. It’s the best!"

By Zev: "This place is so amazing. Fantastic service, the owner is very lovely! Food was incredible, very authentic, and a ton of gluten free options (which is great for me). We Came here all the way from the west end, and will certainly be back".

By Maya: "This might be the BEST Vietnamese place that I have ever been to. I have a very large family that goes here very often and we absolutely love their food. In my family, we have several Vegans, Vegetariens and more. Lan is so great to give us all of the kinds of food we need. And, the service is AWESOME! The owner is extremely nice and it feels like we are wanted in the restaurant. I've never been to a better place than here".

By Paul: "First time I ever wrote the review, as it just took me a while to figure out how to do it. this is an awesome restaurant, with the owners both are very smart, knowledgeable in their fields, and LAN herself is the sweetest person I have ever known, she always treats us like part of her family, my kids love her. The greatest thing about Lan is that they have super delicious Vegan dishes on their vegan menu and lot of choices for people with gluten free diets. It’s so hard to find a restaurant that is a perfect suit for a group of people with different diets, but LAN is the answer to all challenges, you just need to tell the staffs about ur allergy and they will accommodate your needs. I have been taking my family here since their first week of opening, and until now, and always have excellent experience with each of our meal, and myself, I am crazy for their sweet sour spicy shrimp soup as it is heavenly delicious , my husband always crave for their spicy sizzling beef, which is out of this world, you just have to try it if you have not"

By Andrea: "We love LAN, we discovered this beautiful place a couple of months ago and our family loved it. We become Lan's weekly customers. The food is consistently outstanding, super fresh and best quality you could ask for. Their cocktails are to die for, very unique and delicious. Service is unbeatable, no matter how busy it gets, staffs always treat you like family. It is such a wonderful feeling coming here every week, to enjoy super delicious food and warmest service ever. I also have to mention that Lan herself is very lovely person, super sweet and very sincere, always provides her customers with the best service that you could ask for, we all love her and her beautiful restaurant"

By Costas: "We two vegetarians LOVE Lan Vietnamese for their flavorful stirs fries, soups, hand wrapped fresh rolls and our new favorite the Vietnamese Pancake - it's a cross between a crepe and an omelette with a delicious filling. The owner Mrs. Lan is super friendly and welcoming, we always look forward to chatting with her. She told us their goal was to introduce next level Vietnamese cuisine to Toronto and they've done it. We feel very lucky that they chose to open in the East End. I should mention they have gluten free and vegan options as well."

By Miguel: "Lan is a little gem in the neighborhood, the young couple who run this restaurant are very sincere, friendly, and amazing. You could definitely feel the love and passion they put in each dish, as every single dish I have ordered from their menu was always spectacular, and with the most gorgeous presentation. The curry chicken and spicy sizzling marinated beef have always been my most favorites of all. For chili weather, you must try HOTPOT or their noodle soups (amazing broth, no need for any garnish on the side, as the broth is just perfect the way it is served). Their service is unbeatable, totally worth every $$$ you spend"

By Christina: "Great service, excellent vegan options and very accommodating to your requests. Lan and Danny make an amazing team and always making you feel like home and so welcome. We love Love this place!"

By Emily: "Phenomenal Pho here, every time and the service is exceptional. Highly recommend the fresh shrimp rolls and sizzling beef also! Our most favourite spot!! "

By Carrie Wong: "Amazing food. My family has been coming here for a few years now. Whenever we are in the area, we will definitely visit Lan! All the staff here is extremely friendly, lovely and will definitely take the time to introduce and explain each dish to you. Definitely worth a try. Definitely won’t be disappointed!"

By Derek Ling: "My friend tells me so many great things about this place, so we came for dinner on Xmas eve with my family, and it was a fantastic excellent eating experience for our family, from the very first moments walking in the door, and being greeted by very friendly staffs. Service is extremely warm and attentive, all lovely staffs, and our meal was served hot and excellent taste for every dish. Their vietnamese Noodle soups are the best in town, so good, totally worth every penny, we will be back and highly recommend this place, plus the decoration is truly beautiful and unique, totally stands out from all other Vietnamese places"

By Jeremy Crane: "This is the most incredible Vietnamese Restaurant in Toronto, from the food, service, drinks-everything is phenomenal and fair prices. LAN is run by one of the most amazing couples that I have known, and Lan herself is a very lovely person, it might sound to you that I am exaggerating but Lan has an incredible memory, she remembers her customers by name, favorite dishes, and even their eating styles, even if you have not had a chance to come to her place for over 6 months. I love eating my vermicelli lemongrass chicken with extra spicy and fresh chili on the side, and extra fish sauce and peanut sauce, and believe me she never forgets my style, and best of all, no matter how busy it gets in the restaurant with take outs and dine-in customers, their service is always excellent and food is consistently amazing. Big Bonus point is that the restaurant is decorated in the most beautiful and authentic way that I have seen. If you ever feel like wanting Vietnamese food for your lunch/dinner, this is the MUST GO restaurant"

By Walter: "I have to say this restaurant is the hidden gem in the area. A really must visit if you are down for really good and up scale Vietnamese food. Our meal was fabulous, with the beef sizzling plate was the tastiest beef dish I have had. My wife was extremely happy with her coconut chicken, the beef salad was amazing too. Also, it is kid friendly restaurant as all staffs are very lovely, friendly and great with little kids. I must also mention that staffs here really provide their customers with top-notch services, especially the young waitress for our table was wonderful and extremely attentive and efficient. I also notice staffs also take a really good care of takeout customers, and very patient with some of very demanding customers. Not to mention the restaurant is very cozy, relaxing, beautiful, with many gorgeous art pieces. This place truly brought us back to VIetnam (from the fantastic food, beautiful atmosphere , and wonderful people), if you love Vietnam, this is a must see place"

By Shaun: "The food is super authentic and the service can't be beat. This is a family run establishment and you can feel the welcoming environment as soon as you step through their doors. The price is very fair for what you pay for. I wish they would open a second location in Markham!"

By Camila: "Best Vietnamese Restaurant in town. If you are looking for a restaurant that has excellent food and that feels like home, this beautiful place is definitely the one. If you are looking for a high-end Vietnamese restaurant that always provides top-notch services and wonderful authentic dishes, and that at the same time doesn't NOT giving you the afraid feeling of being ripped off like at other fancy restaurants, this place is a MUST TRY"

By Raine: "I’ve been to Lan a few times and I LOVE it. I usually get pho but today I got the curry chicken which was phenomenal and the spring rolls which are the best I’ve ever had , they import he rice paper in from Hanoi so they’re obviously amazing, crispy, hot and delicious. The service is quick and the waitress is so friendly, helpful and nice :) The atmosphere is nice and relaxing too.
I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone"

By Erica: "If you go here make sure to order the Vietnamese Spicy Beef Vermicelli Soup With pork ham and sliced rare steak in a spicy lemongrass beef broth, hands down the best soup in Leslieville. Great food, nice ambience and excellent price, what else can you ask for 5 stars overall"

By Roselyn: "Lan is my most favourite restaurant for Vietnamese cuisine in Toronto, everything is unique and totally different from other Vietnamese places that I have tried. The pancake and the crispy spring rolls , and spicy grilled prawn are exceptional, the chicken fried rice is so incredibly addictive and I always want to know their secret recipe as I crave their house special fried rice all the time. Also you must try their spicy beef which is out of this world. I love the atmosphere here, so beautiful and cozy, and the owner is very sincere and lovely, she will always do her very best to accommodate your food allergy or even go extra miles to make sure you have excellent experience at her place, I cannot say enough good things about this little gem"

By Mae: "If you’re looking for authentic food from Northern Vietnam - then LAN is the place for you. ⠀ ⠀
An authentic Vietnamese experience awaits your arrival in the lovely neighbourhood of Leslieville.The food is rich in flavour and the owners are more than happy to share a piece of Vietnamese culture and history with their guests. Lan and her husband’s passion for their culture and food speaks volumes and visiting their restaurant has been one of the most authentic cultural experiences I’ve had in Toronto."

By Heather: "Amazing authentic food! Yum! As a vegetarian who is also celiac they had so many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. I had the gluten free deep fried tofu and vegan pho! Delicious! Prices are good and atmosphere is great for groups & couples. We will be back!"

By Kelly He: "This is not just another pho place. It is an upscale Vietnamese restaurant that offers authentic Vietnamese food that is crafted with ingredients that are imported from Vietnam. The taste of the food is very unique, the texture of their noodles are different from any pho I’ve ever had. There is a good variety of different authentic Vietnamese dishes that I’ve never had and it’s a great opportunity to really get to know real Vietnamese food."

By Whole Health: "We stumbled on this restaurant as it was located close to where we live and we loved it so much we became regulars. Their food is delicious, authentic and high quality. Lan goes out her way to make our experience enjoyable every time. The pho is one of the best in Toronto."

By Neil: "This is by far the best and most authentic Vietnamese Restauraunt in the area. The only thing better than the food is the kind and attentful service provided by Lan herself! She takes a lot of pride in serving true Vietnamese style cuisine prepared with all the love and respect it deserves. It's a very friendly atmosphere with great food and staff, you won't be disappointed.
I highly recommend the Bo'Ne".

By Pip: "The food is fantastic and fresh. And the people are really friendly. Lots of vegan options & gluten free. Plus they are very cautious and will accommodate food allergies and sensitivities. Love it! Soooooooo good. Safe."

By Jenan: "Great place, great food and atmosphere. Lan definitely gets the restaurant business. Way to go Lan..."

By Mark: "Lan is awesome, always feel like coming home at lan, lan and her staffs really look after their customers and really know the customers, food is very fresh, fantastic, great price for wine and cocktails. The broths for their noodle soups , pancake are just amazing. All items on the menu are very tasty, unique, nothing is the same and truly stands out from the rest of other vietnamese places that i have been. With the most attentive service, lovely staffs, beautiful atmosphere, phenomenal food, great drinks, i just think you can never find any better place than this."

By Atehneh: "Amazing ambience regarding the Vietnamese culture and truly authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The owner is very interactive and educated us about the true Vietnamese culture and food. The menu prices are up-to-par also. Will Definitely Dine here again. "

By Julie Murtha: "We visited Lan for lunch on Christmas Eve. I had the vegan pho with vegetables, tofu and spicy broth. It was absolutely delicious. I love spicy food and it did not disappoint. My husband had the pho with sliced rare beef. The broth is so rich and flavourful. It is obvious this broth has been made with care, taking the time to really bring out the flavour in the authentic ingredients. The pho at Lan is a little bit more expensive than other restaurants, but the quality ingredients and the depth of flavour make it so much more delicious. It is absolutely worth it. This is a high quality Vietnamese restaurant. If you haven't tried it yet... what are you waiting for?"

By Alejandra: "The best Vietnamese restaurant. Delicious food and the perfect environment, the decoration is amazing.
I had the noodle soup and it was very comforting, full of great taste"

By Angelou: "Hands down Toronto’s best Vietnamese restaurant for delicious and authentic food. The sample platter was amazing as an appetizer for our dinner. Our main courses were all spectacular (especially Spicy Beef sizzling dish had amazing flavors and spices). All staffs are super friendly and courteous, and their service are very attentive and prompt. Besides the fact that the restaurant is super clean (not like most of all other Vietnamese places), we were extremely impressed with the beautiful decoration of the place, making us feel like we were in Ha Noi Viet Nam. Another impressive thing for us was that the staffs seem to know most of their customers very well, which is definitely a bonus point for any restaurant. This is definitely the restaurant you must visit if you love Vietnamese food"

By Roy: "We have been here three times and we were blown away every time by incredible food, and excellent service from the start to finish. Great wine list to choose from, amazing vietnamese cocktails. The people working here are all awesome, professional, efficient and super friendly. Definitely the best vietnamese restaurant in toronto and we will be back soon"

By Jacky Wint: "Everything is excellent : service is excellent, beautiful place, and their Vietnamese spicy noodle soup is amazing. I could eat here everyday, a must visit restaurant in the hood."

By Liz Le: "Very welcoming atmosphere and delicious food! As a vegetarian, I really appreciate the range of veg and vegan options. Had dinner there with my family a few nights ago and although our four-year-old is in a committed relationship with the crispy egg noodles, my wife and I decided to try some new menu items we hadn't sampled before. Both the vegan "pancake" (Bánh xèo) and the vegan vermicelli bowl were awesome and worth branching out from our usual favourites (although I'm still a big fan of the curry tofu)! If you're looking for tasty authentic Vietnamese food (with lots of choices for vegetarians!), look no further!"

By Austin: "This is our Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Toronto. My Vietnamese wife and myself enjoy dinner here very often and love it. Delicious food with excellent service! :)"

By DC Livesound: "Amazing food, good atmosphere and the nicest people running it. Best Vietnamese restaurant in the city!"

By Lisa Vespi: "My family and I just love this restaurant! Excellent food, and friendly owners and staff. The vermicelli bowls are deee-lish!"

By Andersen: "Wonderful meal. Our friends rave about this place a long time ago but it took us so long to finally check it out. The broth for the hotpot and for the noodle soup were all amazing, best broth ever, it will be the perfect treat for the winter season. We took the staff’s recommendation and start off with the grilled fresh prawn and it was fantastic. Service is very welcoming and friendly, the waitress that served our table was very adorable. The restaurant itself has a huge and very cozy and beautiful space at the back, music is lovely, will frequent this place for sure"
By Natascha: "I love love love coming here everyone is super friendly and always goes above and beyond to make my experience an excellent one keep up the awesome work"

By Drew: "On my first visit I had the Vietnamese Pancake. It was listed under appetizers but was quite filling and tasted great. I have a big sweet tooth so asked for a sweet drink. They recommended the coconut pineapple smoothie. It was perfect, sweet and refreshing. Amazing food and service. Would definitely go back to try out other dishes and also recommend this place to friends."

By Nick: "As one of the weekly customers at LAN, Lan asks me to write her a review as she was saying that most of the customers who have enjoyed the food and service at LAN would not take their time to write reviews for her. So after going back home from delicious spicy HOTPOT for my dinner tonight at LAN, I search on google and just read a very few 1star reviews about LAN, oh man, these people must be crazy or out of their mind to rate this place 1 star, coz I am telling you, DO NOT ever trust these crazy people, as you can never find any other Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto as good as LAN. This place is always filled with love, owner's passion, and it is just amazing, and the owner Lan is extremely sweet and attentive to her customers, so GO GO GO if you have not"

By Denise: "Loved the food, so hot and tasty and not to mention delicious

By Samantha: "First time dining in with my husband and my 2 years old son, food was spectacular, I ordered the grilled salmon with creamy sauce and omg I just loved it so much, the sauce tasted just perfectly. We also shared the curry chicken, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed his meal. Service was super nice, very attentive, and very nice to kids. One important thing to add on, price is very cheap for the excellent quality ( most of restaurants are very expensive nowadays), must order their cocktails, they have the Vietnamese signature cocktails, we tried 2 of them and it was amazing, something very unique and tasty. Definitely 5 stars, as we definitely are coming back"

By Sandra: "This place is really really a gem, best food, generous portion, outstanding food decoration, awesome cocktails and best price in the neighbourhood. I have tried this place a month ago and tonight was already my third visit with family. Given now everything has been so pricey for eating out, especially in the hood as I have lived here for over 10 years, LAN provides just the perfection for every single dish at very very affordable price, service is stellar, super friendly every single time no matter how busy they are. Surprisingly, they have had lots lots of take out and delivery orders every time we come, I find it is very strange that people still choose to take out more than dining in, given LAN is such a beautiful and cozy place, perfect atmosphere to enjoy either lunch, dinner or any special occasion."

By Cindy Chan: "I walked by couple times and finally decided to come in. Best decision ever ! This is was day after Thanksgiving and decided to just have Wonton Soup , I didn’t want something too heavy. I asked the waitress if I can just have Wonton without the noodles, with no hesitation she answered so politely. When the soup came ...... OMG the broth was amazing. Tasted so pure. Even the Wontons itself was so good. Barely oily or anything just tasted so simple and with lots of rich flavour from broth. This is not like a typical Pho restaurant. There’s history here. The decor and style of the restaurant makes you feel like you are in Vietnam. Each piece Lan the waitress explain that there is story behind each artwork. It super awesome I will be back !! Definitely recommend this place if you are in Leslieville Queen Street East! Also LAN the Coconut Pineapple Smoothie became my favourite. Ahh no more Jackfruit smoothie :)Thank you for an awesome service !"

By Talor: "This is an excellent restaurant. Very delicious food and great service. We tried the sample appetizers platter and rotisserie chicken, both were very tasty. As a sidenote, the furniture is super cool."

By Nadia: "The food is amazing and the service is wonderful! Highly recommended! :)"

By Pralad: "Wow, tried this place out and was not disappointed! Great cocktails, decent pho (was missing the authentic fresh herbs though), and yummy crispy noodles. Friendly and fast service. Would definitely go back and perhaps try take out too. Also, get the deep fried spring rolls - super delicious!"

By Catherine: "LAN is amazing, and LAN is an awesome person, my most favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood, I have taken all my family and friends here whenever we want to decide to go out for special occasions or great dinner/lunches. LAN treats us like a family, as always, she always brings us free appetizer whenever we come. The whole environment is so charming and inviting, super cozy with very very nice music, and the chefs are very accommodating here as some of my family members are picky eaters so they normally require a lot of modification from the chefs, but whatever the chefs make here, the food is always tasty and delicious, best of all, service here is always number one. Come to LAN and it's worth every single penny that you pay."

By Belinda: "Beautifully decorated restaurant with a wide selection of delicious appetizers and traditional dishes. Pho was very good and came with sauces to season to taste. Menu was clearly marked for gluten free and vegetarian options. Credit cards accepted."

By Bela: "Awesome good, great price and super accommodating. We are vegan and were so happy to find such tasty amazing options.
The staff if AMAZING too, super uplifting service"

By Travis Johnson: "This cozy restaurant is located right on Queen just a bit east of Broadview on the south side.
Beautiful decor with a nice warm feel. When you walk in you are pleasantly greeted by staff and seated right away.
They have a delicious selection of vegan and gluten free menu items. Each one is so flavourful and tasty. The staff are very friendly and attentive which makes me a happy customer. I ordered the vegan summer rolls which were packed with yumminess served with a scrumptious peanut dipping sauce on the side. Next up was vegan noodle soup. The broth is seriously amazing and I would just drink that by itself. The soup is packed with rice noodles, lots of veggies and crispy tofu. It was so very filling, so filling that I just managed to finish it. I wanted to try more but way too full!. I will definitely be back. I have to try all the other vegan gluten free options."

By Debbie: "This place is incredible. The food is out of this world, soooo good, and service is very fast and stellar. I tried their spicy Pho cocktail and loved it. The atmosphere is beautiful in here, spacious but super cozy, excellent soft Vietnamese music that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout my whole meal, not like other places where things get too noisy. Alcohol drinks with good wine and beers and very cheap ($6.50 per class of wine and $6 beers) compared to other places in the hood. Bottom line, everything is wonderful and within the budget that will NOT cost you an arm and a leg, this place is really a gem that you definitely do not want to miss."

By Paul Sochoky: "The fried wontons were light and crispy with a delicious sauce. The broth of the Pho was delicate and delicious, loved the fine noodles. Lastly, the coconut smoothie was very refreshing. Loved the ambiance and the experience!"

By Antonio: "Amazing amazing amazing food and service, wonderful vietnamese restaurant in Toronto, many delicious and unique dishes, tasty cocktails that I have not seen in any other Vietnamese places, must try if you are a fan for excellent Asian cuisine"

By Brittainy: "Delicious food with lots of options (vegan + vegetarian too!) Service was great, prices were very reasonable, and the space itself is lovely. Highly recommend!"

By Wayne: "Best Northern Vietnamese food in Canada - hands down! Honestly - I thought this place was almost too good to be true! I ate there once and was blown away! But have now been back several times, and it still impresses! So many authentic Northern Vietnamese dishes all excellently prepared. And each one is bursting with flavours. Every bite is an explosion of different tastes. And their Vietnamese Iced Tea is to die for!! We've been back a few times with different friends - and enjoy talking with the owners about the neighborhood and their business. The price point is also incredible - very very affordable, especially considering the high quality of food! Rare in Toronto to find such fair prices for good food! Can't say enough about this place. It's a must!"

By Anthony: "We have heard rave reviews about LAN from many of our friends in the hood, and we book a table for 6 of us tonight for my friend's birthday and it was fabulous. Such a great decision that we have made for choosing LAN, as our meal and the entire experience were all wonderful. Food was phenomenal and service was awesome and very accommodating. One thing that really caught my attention was that all of the servers are super nice, the restaurant was very busy, the staffs all run back and forth but they all serve with smile. And the cocktail is very unique, as I ordered Pho cocktail and it was amazing. We will be coming back soon, very memorable experience for us tonight."

By Scott: "Absolutely love Lan ! Best viet food in town. It's my go to stop for lunch. Beautiful inside and great servers. They have Vegan food too which is amazing"

By Faith: "Excellent Vegan and Vegetarian options. I highly recommend the Vegan rice noodle soup or their fresh spring rolls. There’s something for everyone!"

By Matt: "We love LAN, have been eaten here many many times since they opened, and honestly we should have written the review for LAN long time ago, but I always forgot. The food here is always delicious, fresh, and extremely consistent, and you will always be welcomed by all of their staffs with their great smiles at all times. They have great prices for beer, wine and cocktails, very friendly and accommodating for parents with kids too. People might get LAN in the wrong way because they don't serve the soups with any garnish (as LAN said she serves the authentic northern soups), at first we are not used to it, but after a few times, you will be addictive to their broth and when it happens, trust me that you will NOT need any beansprouts or basil or lime or any garnish at all, as the broths for all the soups are all amazing. And if you come to LAN, make sure you have to try their chicken curry, and coconut bacon shrimp, and the pancake, amazing and fabulous"

By Dennis: "Great food at Lan! And, reasonably priced. I've eaten at Lan several times and it has been a delicious, relaxing experience every time. Their spring rolls are the best I have ever tried and I have tried plenty. The restaurant itself is beautifully designed and very clean and in a great location on Queen Street East near Broadview. The hosts/owners are very very sweet and very accommodating. I highly recommend Lan!! I will return many times. If you've never been, go. I suggest you try their Sample Platter"

By Marcus: "Not usually a fan of Pho, but was working in Lewisville and felt like something different. Ordered the spicy beef pho, and because of dietary ristrictons asked to substitute noodles for bean sprouts. No problem.
Well the pho was awesome, so along with the staff being friendly, the place being clean and the food being prompt, Lan gets 5 stars and a repeat customer"

By Melena: "This is the second time my boyfriend and I have been in this restaurant and we will keep coming back. First of all its hard to find a good vietnamese place that have really good options for vegans. My fave is their tofu pho and the lemongrass chili tofu!! Secondly the staff here has always been amazing and ever friendly!! So if you’re in the area and hankering for good vietnamese food make sure to drop by!!"

By Smith: "LAN restaurant is wonderful, and Lan herself is such a lovely person, she would remember all names of customers and their favorite dishes and allergy , even if it has been months since the last time you were at the restaurant, Lan has an excellent memory and always provided wonderful service and awesome food to her customers, we told all of our friends about LAN and they all love the food here, all servers are great, professional and super friendly. Lan is definitely a gem in the hood."

By Angela Greig: "Had dinner at Lan Restaurant tonight with my husband and 2 good friends. The service was fast and friendly. The food was hot and delicious. I had the BoNe and it was just fantastic. I can't say enough about how great the food is. Lan is such a wonderful hostess. She is always smiling and inviting. A beautiful way to end your day. 5 stars the best!!!!!!!

By Dan Lam: "Went to LAN last night and had the most amazing dish (Braised Tiger Shrimp and Bacon with coconut milk). It was a truly unique dish with a wonderful combination of both sweet and savoury flavour. The Pho was also very tasty. The staff is super friendly and attentive, while the space is nicely decorated. Highly recommend"

By Dan Park: "Lan is the perfect Vietnamese restaurant! We went there for our friend Ken's Birthday, and first of all the service is top notch! Lan was sooo kind to my son, She made a custom order of chicken pho for him and also gave him treats and made him feel at home, the food was incredible, definitley get the pancakes they are all amazing! we will definitely go back and We LOVE LAN!!!"

By N Alexander: "Wow is this food good, it's not what I expected, the food has what I would call a French gourmet twist to it, while still being traditional. They do a lot of vegan as well as vegetarian, but don't worry they have meat too. Try the pancakes, in fact try everything it's all so delicious and you will find new favourites"

By Andreas: "BY FAR the best Vietnamese food in Toronto. Amazing food and super friendly staff. The fried spring rolls are always a hit!"

By Erica Commanda: "Everything is so wonderful. The BEST Vietnamese Restaurant I have ever eaten at".