1st Story: Dec 23rd, 2018: Me and one of my best customers-my awesome friend (I call her my older sister-exactly 12 years older than me- as we were born in the same month and same TIGER year) and her sweetest hubby @lan_restaurant . So, do you now know why I decide to follow this journey and why I am still here and why I still work so hard everyday @lan_restaurant ?The simple answer is because I am always happy, so I always look forward to each and every day @lan_restaurant .The best part of working at LAN is that I get to see my wonderful customers- the amazing people who have always been so nice and so kind to me each and every day. It is also very rewarding for me to see all my amazing customers smiling for the little and thoughtful things that I did for them. To my opinion, this is what life should be all about- LOVING and CARING for each other. When the world is so cruel and complicated, the simple gift of customer relationship-great friendship is within all of our hands. Let me just be grateful to my most wonderful customers who always make me HAPPY, they are the charming gardeners who make my soul blossom. One thing I have learned in life is that customer relationship-great friendship is always a sweet responsibility, NEVER an opportunity. "Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes my heart warm". As I have always believed, the greatest gift of life is friendship, and I am feeling so grateful that I have received it @lan_restaurant .

2nd Story: "Tomorrow is my birthday, so I told my whole family that we all have to come to LAN, as LAN is the only restaurant that I want to celebrate my birthday " (Quote by my most loyal customer). When customer chooses our restaurant to celebrate his special day, it means that we MUST be doing the right thing @ LAN. Have you ever been to a restaurant that was so amazing you told everyone you knew about how wonderful you thought it was? Have you ever been to a restaurant that had that certain something that’s hard to put your finger on? Whatever that certain something is, our professional team @LAN Restaurant always make you smile long after you left. My theory is always :"In order to make my customers feel like they are very special, I have to become something very special as well". And I am very proud to say that our hardworking team @ LAN- each and every single one of us- we are all very professional and very special.

3rd Story: At the end of his meal, Robert Lesser insisted in meeting the chef and our kitchen staffs. Robert stands in our kitchen, shakes hand with all of our kitchen staffs, tells them how impressed he was and compliment them for a couple of minutes on the awesome and fantastic experience his table had, as always.
We and our hard working team @ LAN would not be where we are today without our loyal and very generous customers like Robert and his beautiful family. These are just a few words they have shared with us.
“LAN- Everyone in my family, including my wife -"the hard- to-please person", always rave about your amazing Food. You and your husband and your whole Team Should Be Extremely Proud. Absolutely spot on! You are always on top of your game, fully committed to your passion and your dream, and producing the city’s best Vietnamese food. Your team was extremely professional, courteous, detailed, and conscientious every step of the way".
After hearing Robert's compliments on our work @ LAN, I have gotten teary-eyed. Thank you so much, for appreciating our dedication @ LAN.

4th Story: Yesterday (Jan 2nd ,2019), I just raised a glass to the new year 2019 of the KINDNESS and LOVE- the two things we always need MOST in life. And this early morning, I just received this sweet message from one of our daily office lunches (Jeremy Vanseader has been ordering lunches every week @lan_restaurant since we first opened). Me and Jeremy-we never met in person, our little notes are the only way we usually communicate with each other. I guess, at the end, we don't need a hefty bank account to enjoy life's little luxuries. To me, these little notes are the simple way to make our lives richer everyday. I always take my time to notice all of the sweetest little things surrounding me. May you also be filled with Loving Kindness. May you find Peace and be truly happy.